Mulch, Mulch, Mulch, Mulch, Mulch….

As I write this post, winter is beginning its descent on the Pacific Northwest.  So what do I currently have on my mind? MULCH, MULCH, and more MULCH.  Every time I hear the wind pick up outside or the rain start falling again I get another reminder that I need to make sure my garden... Continue Reading →

Welcome to the HEAT ZONE

Once you catch the gardening bug and start going plant crazy, you will quickly start to notice nuances of how your plants react to their placement in the garden.  Plants will thrive if they are planted in a location that meets their needs.  If a plant is located in an area that does not meet... Continue Reading →

Climbing Out of the Landscape Fabric Trap

Repeat after me:  Landscape Fabric is a Marketing Gimmick. There you go.  I just saved you hundreds of dollars and hours of unnecessary labor.  If you'd still like to understand some of the many reasons why you should avoid landscape fabric, read on. When my husband and I first moved to our property  we wanted... Continue Reading →

Eaton’s Aster

Characteristics Life Cycle: Perennial Sun Needs: Part-Shade/Sun Benefits: Flowers/Supports Pollinators Plant Height: 2-4 Feet Water Needs: Moist Soil/Wet Soil Scientific Name: Symphyotrichum eatonii Reproduces Through: Rhizomes Bloom Time: Mid-Summer/Late-Summer Thoughts Here's a plant that seems to get very little attention - so I want to give it a small introduction to highlight it for others:... Continue Reading →

What is Your Passion?

If you are anything like me, when you become passionate about something, you tend to become somewhat obsessive about it.  And by “somewhat obsessive” I mean it’s something that takes up the majority of my free time, thoughts, and any expendable income.  I never intended to become the latest obsessive gardener.  Let’s use the word... Continue Reading →

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