Greetings to all of my gardening, plant, and habitat loving friends!  One thing that we probably have in common is our LOVE for plants!  Gardening is a labor of love and if you are anything like me, it can be a long and tedious learning process to attain the garden and landscape that you are looking for.  Even after you think you have your garden just the way you want it — you’ll find yet another plant that you HAVE TO HAVE, and all of sudden you’re moving your landscape and plants around to make room for the new addition.  You may get into gardening thinking that you would like to manage your garden in a certain way, only to learn more about our environment and change your mind 100 times!  My gardening style is continually changing and adapting based on new recommendations and techniques I learn, and I am happy to share my learning process with you!  If you have some new thoughts or tips I haven’t thought of, feel free to contact me via my contact page — otherwise look through my posts and content to learn, appreciate, and love all the plants and techniques I explore!

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